Hyper-Casual Trend Digest #7

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May 14, 2023

As Q2 begins to fly by, we are exploring the upcoming key trends. Keep reading to stay informed.


🔗 Chinese game licences in 2023 could surpass the past two years combined

The Chinese video game market is expected to recover after a decline in the number of game licenses issued in 2018-2019, according to analysts. It is projected that the number of licenses issued in 2023 will surpass the combined total of the past two years.

🔗Sega buys Rovio for €706 million

Sega has acquired Rovio, the mobile game developer known for creating the popular game Angry Birds, for $706 million. The deal includes all of Rovio’s assets and subsidiaries and is expected to strengthen Sega’s position in the mobile gaming market.

🔗The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority blocks the Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority blocked Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard over concerns about competition and consumer choice. Sony and Google also opposed the deal, with Sony concerned about future access to Call of Duty and Google worried about Microsoft’s potential opening of a mobile app store.

What about some fresh stats? We have a few for you 👀 :


Time for movies and TV series

What a big news: HBO Max has officially commissioned a TV series adaptation of ‘Harry Potter’ that will have a completely new cast.

Also, all the media blew up with new posters, videos of the upcoming Barbie movie. The videos and sketches went viral in the media, and the team also made a website where you can make a similar poster with your photo. The premiere is scheduled for July.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was also released in April. The tag (promoted) hashtag#SuperMarioMovie was first on Twitter some time. And of course Twitch, Twitter Gaming and YouTube Gaming couldn’t not write/repost about it.

Movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is available in cinemas now—the premiere was scheduled for May 5.

New game-style TikTok effects

This effect in game format has become viral lately, and the theory with it is that few people can get beyond level 32.

And this effect is in a game format with matches where you have to solve simple tasks.

dimsuur | munchie.michelle

Trends on YouTube Shorts and TikTok

CapCut templates are still popular, images of famous personalities and characters appear. We’ve put together a new selection for you:

The Rock, Michael Scott, Guy with a funny reaction, dancing John Cena.

work_memes | twitch

delinashirwani | beardvoyage

Opila Bird from Garten of Banban has been gaining popularity for some time, being portrayed in different variations: M3GAN vs Opila Bird in Jail or Opila Bird Vs Banban!

Barbie is a very recognizable character and it is not surprising that after the first big PR actions, the character began to be used. For example, in this video they mixed three popular characters: Barbie, M3gan and Wednesday.

What other cool challenges were there?

  • An interesting mix of orbeez and surprise balloons. This idea isn’t exactly new, but the videos keep getting a lot of views.
  • Challenge with the garage door.
  • New mechanics with the use of a mousetrap.

gettishow | gettishow | woodyandkleiny

Collaboration with celebrities

Remember the case of Pedro Pascal? We have more news for you 🙂

And not only Merge Mansion decided to attract celebrities in their ads, Candy Crush Saga is collaborating with the Jonas Brothers to promote the band’s new album and tour through exclusive in-game experiences. During Music Season, from May 8 to May 28, the Jonas Brothers will become “candified” game characters. Players can also listen to two new tracks before they are available elsewhere. The collaboration includes a promotional video and a Candy Crush-exclusive remix of the band’s single “Waffle House.” Candy Crush remains popular, with over 3 billion downloads since its 2012 release and celebrating its 10-year anniversary last year.

Trend-based projects

A theme related to magic and Harry Potter was found in the projects during April. There were also projects on old art trends, such as: cakes in the form of figures, drawing abstract paintings, etc.

Wizard Universe | John Kick: Ragdoll Fighter | Orbeez Decorations DIY